1. NANCY says:

    Where can I find nutritional information on your products? Each time i hit Additional Information nothing comes up.

    • Kathy says:

      The nutritional information is pictured on the product page. Most products have the nutritional value, but not all. If you can’t find what your looking for please send us an email to info@maddashmixes.com. Thanks for the question.

  2. Karen Pangborn says:

    I am getting ready to make the key lime cheesecake. It doesn’t say what size pan to use. Do I use a pie plate? Does it make more than 1? I see it makes 12 servings. A pie plate generally makes 8.

    • Kathy says:

      I works in both the 8″ or 9″ pie pan. The filling is just a little thicker in the 8 inch crust. You can get 1 serving in the 9″ with thin slices. I personally like a larger slice : )

    • Shipping says:

      Shelf life is 2 years. Every package has an expiration date printed on the bag under the label, or stamped on the inside right bottom corner of the label.

  3. Julie slack says:

    I wanted to make the chicken chili verde more as a stew. Could I just add more chicken and white beans? Also, is the potato for a thickener? Could I just use beans?

    • Kathy says:

      The wonderful thing about our products is that we have a perfect blend of spices that work with the original recipe or if you want to change things up. I like white beans in mine, and I also add a little sour cream at the end to make it more of a cream based soup. So yes, get creative and let us know how it goes!

  4. Julianne Fletcher says:

    I went to a show in Arkansas and my friend recommended I try the jalapeño chowder!!! I have purchased about 10 more since that day. I add crawfish tails and I served it to my husband and his duck hunters one night when I was too tired to cook and it was a HUGE hit!!! I love the BLT dip too!

  5. Janine says:

    I picked up some Gumbo mix at the NWA show. My family loved it and said that this mix needs to be a staple in our house. Thank you!

  6. Tracie Rush says:

    We just bought some mixes from North Augusta Vintage Market Fair this past weekend. Last night we fixed the cheesy chicken enchilada soup! WOW!!!!! SO GOOD!!! It sure made things easy to have the mix there and the seasoning was perfect!!!! We WILL be ordering more!!!!

  7. melinda miller says:

    I was at an event in Hutchinson, KS and picked up some Mad Dash Mixes. I picked up the Key Lime Cheesecake Mix. I fixed it for a family Easter luncheon. I had nothing but compliments. I told them them it could used as a dip, too. Everyone said be sure to bring it next time….it was all gone in a flash…I am now needing to order more. Thank you so much….

  8. Carmen Lewis says:

    Jalapeno chowder instructions say simmer until potatoes are tender but I don’t see potatoes on the “combine mix with” list. Should I add a potato?

  9. Cherylyn Cernobyl says:

    Have been to two VMD events. No gumbo mix at either one. ☹️ Is this an item you will no longer have at your shows?

    • Kathy says:

      Louisiana Gumbo is back on the shelves!

      We would never stop making our gumbo on purpose! Unfortunately, some of the ingredients are on back order and we have gone thru all of inventory. Hoping this is cleared up this week so we can start production on a new batch! It will become available online first, then start making it’s way back into show. Thanks for reaching out! And thanks for choosing Mad Dash Mixes.

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